Kokomo Urban Outreach's

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Unlimited Potential

A new website is being built to reflect the changes to the UP program due to COVID 19 it will be completed by mid-Nov 2020.  This one-page site is up-to-date and contains pertinent information-- donate, call to schedule a job, find our address or phone number, and meet the UP staff. Click the link to the left for the September 2020 newsletter to read about changes that have made due to COVID 19.

To schedule a UP crew call 765-252-9954 to rake leaves or clean first floor gutters.


The cost is the best donation you can give.

The crews work on Monday, Wednesday, and  Thursday from 4-6 

 and can return multiple days if needed.   

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Meet the UP Staff

The mission of the UP program is to be sure every young person in Howard County has the tools needed to transition successfully into adulthood.


KUO Girls Headshots and Group Shots-KUO
       Jeff Newton                                                                   Deanna Ancil                                          Kareen Dunn                                         Juanita Ramos
Executive Director                                                      Associate Executive Director                     UP Youth Specialist                         Director of Learning Center
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Spanish Teacher    
  Ken Schweter                                                                                     Tina Wiggins                                                                                  Troy Donson
Maintenance/ UP Mentor                                                         Safety Specialist/UP Mentor                                                        Transportation/UP Mentor